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World-Class Academic Programs

TJC has an outstanding record of academic quality, currently offering three bachelor's degree programs in addition to associate's degree programs, certificates, and specialized training and technical programs


Through our quality, convenient and flexible academic programs, students at TJC are ready to excel at any level of academic achievement. TJC provides exceptional degree options that prepare you for a fulfilling career or transfer to a university, as well as certificate programs that allow you to directly enter the workforce.

TJC has awarded more than 50,000 academic degrees and certificates to students over the past 90 years, including former deputy director of the CIA, politicians, journalists, playwrights, actors and actresses, professional athletes and business owners.

Health Degrees

Healthcare Professions

Most of our nursing degrees and health sciences programs are housed in the Robert M. Rogers Nursing & Health Sciences Center, a brand-new facility located just blocks away from two major hospitals in Tyler. Dedicated faculty at TJC provide years of experience in their field to teach students up-to-date as well as time-tested methods of care.

Public Administration

Public Service

With TJC’s highly-ranked Public Service programs, you’ll get to build your resume in a variety of fulfilling and sought-after careers. Our degree programs are reviewed by advisory committees made of industry leaders who make sure the programs fulfill employer requirements. 

Cliff Boucher and Student

Science & Technology

Get a solid foundational knowledge base at TJC in science or mathematics, or in-demand career fields like engineering and computing.

During my senior year the question, "why college?" crossed my mind, and while attending college was a daunting thought, it also seemed to beckon with possibilities. Several years later, those possibilities evolved into the bachelor’s and master’s degrees that are currently hanging on my wall.

Along the way, I developed a more solid answer to my former question, because I found that attending college provided me with not only what I had been seeking, but so much more.

- Sherry Fuller

Director - Career Education Services

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