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Faculty Senate

"Celebrating the heritage...securing the future!"


The Senate provides a systematic means for the effective participation of the faculty in the affairs of the college, and adequate channels for the administration of Tyler Junior College to seek the judgment and counsel of the faculty about matters of mutual concern.


While specific senate actions change annually, the following broad-based "guides" have been constant.

  • Provide meaningful faculty participation in college planning & decision-making
  • Improve the quality of education and services provided for students
  • Participate in projects benefiting the campus and community
  • Advocate professional development and recognition of faculty
  • Improve factors affecting faculty morale

Cabinet Members

Tim Gill, President 

Stephanie Lassanske, President-Elect
Academic Committee

Jill Johnson, Secretary
Rules Committee

Justin Hall
Student Relations Committee

Tammy Burnette
Instructional Support Committee

John Wakeham
Faculty Development Committee

Upcoming Meetings

The Faculty Senate minutes are located in Apache Access on the Faculty tab.