Spring Registration Extended

In-person registration for the spring semester has been extended to January 21st. Stop by Rogers Student Center to get registered today!

Register for Classes

How to Register

1: Apply to TJC

TJC has an open admissions policy, but you'll still need to apply

A student who was previously enrolled at TJC and who has been out of school longer than two consecutive semesters (Fall or Spring semesters) must re-apply.

If you’re already a TJC student, skip to the next step!

2: Clear Holds

If you're a new student, you probably have an advising hold on your account. You'll have to clear the hold before you can register for classes. View your holds in your Apache Access account under "Student Records."

Types of holds:

  • Advising Holds: speak to an Academic Advisor for removal of this hold.
  • Bad Address Hold: Go to the Registrar's office and complete a change of address form for removal of hold.
  • Business Service Hold: money is owed to the college and this hold can only be removed by the Business Service office.
  • Campus Police Hold: Campus Police will need to remove this hold. (This generally means you have a parking ticket.)
  • Financial Aid Hold: Financial Aid will need to remove this hold. If it is a Financial Aid Exit Counseling hold, please complete an exit counseling session. After completing the exit counseling session, you will need to contact Financial Aid and give them your confirmation number.
  • Transcript Hold: a high school or college transcript from your previous institution(s) has not been received. In order to lift this hold we must receive the transcript(s) from those listed institutions that have caused the hold. TJC allows for one (1) academic semester of enrollment while waiting on the official transcript(s). However, you will not be able to register for the following semester or obtain a TJC transcript until all transcripts are received.

3: Log into Apache Access

Log into your Apache Access account. On the student home page, click the "Add/Drop Classes" icon.

4: Find your classes

Select the term for which you would like to register. Enter the CRN number for the class, or search for the class by subject. When you find a class you would like to register for, click the check mark box to the left and click the "Register" button.

5: Secure payment for tuition and fees

Pay for your tuition online on your Apache Access account, or at the cashier's office.

Once you've paid for your tuition, you can go to the Campus Police office to obtain your student ID and your parking permit (if you need one).

If you registered for an online class, please visit the Distance Learning page to learn about orientations for your class, how to access your classes online, and other useful information.