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Contact an Advisor

Need a quick question answered or basic registration assistance without academic advising? Please text advising at 903-231-7121. This option is recommended for the fastest service and is regularly monitored by advising staff seven days per week. You can also email advising at

Academic advisors are organized by academic pathways. All advisors are trained to advise all student affinity groups, general studies, and undecided majors.

Flexible advising options are available in person, via Zoom, and at registration events

Advising appointments are available during the following times:

  • Monday through Wednesday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Thursday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m
  • Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Walk-ins without appointments are welcome!
  • Select an appointment preference by going to the TJC Advising Appointment Scheduler to schedule a Zoom advising appointment (Note that first-time TJC students should see an academic advisor in person if possible). If not, then only Zoom appointments should be scheduled as proper academic advising requires visuals or demonstrating student information, support services, and degree plans. Phone appointments should be reserved for basic questions and general help for current students only. New TJC students scheduling appointments without having completed the TSI or meeting exemptions may have their appointments canceled as advising cannot assist with the registration of courses without the TSI exam and exemption evidence. Zoom or phone appointments are limited to TJC students only.

Schedule a Zoom appointment

Advising Phone: 903-510-3287
Advising Email:
Academic Advising Center: Advisors are located on the 2nd floor of Rogers Student Center for all majors

Advising Leadership

Christopher Fontaine - Call: 903-510-2496 - Text: 903-964-3513 - 
Executive Director, Academic Advising & Testing Services

Jessie Tilmon - Call: 903-510-2131 - Text: 903-408-6002 - 
Associate Director of Academic Advising

Keren Longshore - Call: 903-510-2387 - Text: 903-408-3864 - 
Assistant Director, Advising and Veteran/Military Services


Public Service

Business & Entrepreneurship

Manufacturing, Transportation & Industry

  • Nicolas Moreno, Academic Advisor III/Senior Advisor - Call: 903-510-2661 - Text: 903-408-3994 - 
  • Shelby Wood, Academic Advisor II, Call: 903-510-3032-Text:903-308-3594 -

Creative and Communication Arts

  • Nicolas Moreno, Academic Advisor III/Senior Advisor - Call: 903-510-2661 - Text: 903-408-3994 - 
  • Shelby Wood, Academic Advisor I, Call: 903-510-3032-Text:903-308-3594 -

Healthcare Professions

Science & Technology

Transfer and High School

  • Aeriel Eichenberger, Coordinator/Senior Advisor III, Transfer and High School - Call: 903-510-2128 - Text: 903-307-6892 -

General Studies

  • All academic advisors can advise for General Studies majors.