Dual Credit

The TJC Dual Credit program provides an opportunity for eligible high school students, grades 9-12, to participate in college courses and receive both high school and college credit for the same course. Students can take Dual Credit academic and technical courses.

Dual Credit Academic

These are Core courses generally required for all two-year associate’s or four-year bachelor’s degree programs.

Dual Credit Technical

These courses generally transfer to the four-year universities and are instrumental in completing a certificate or AAS degree at TJC as well as a BAS, BAT or BAAS degree. Courses are taught by TJC college faculty or college credentialed high school instructors serving as adjunct professors.

Classes are usually taught at:

  • TJC campus
  • at the student’s high school campus
  • through a TJC Distance Education class upon the recommendation of their high school counselor or principal

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Early Admissions: This program offers high school students the opportunity to take a TJC course on the TJC campus or a TJC distance education class. These courses are only for college credit. High school students are accepted upon recommendation of their high school counselor or principal and with the permission of their parents. Credit is applied when the student provides a high school transcript with the date of graduation. Students can get career advice and be ready for the demanding challenges that lie ahead in the transition to college. For more information, contact the Dual Credit Office.

Benefits of Dual Credit

  • Convenience

    Many college level courses are taught on high school campuses, online, and at the TJC campus.

  • Access to Student Resources

    All Dual Credit students have full access to TJC support services.

  • Cost Effective

    Taking college courses at Tyler Junior College costs less than most public colleges & universities.

  • Close to Home

    Tyler Junior College offers a quality education on many campuses all over East Texas.

  • Full Transferable Credit

    Dual Credit and Early Enrollment courses are fully transferable to public colleges & universities in Texas.

Testing Requirements

For admission into the Dual Credit/Early Admissions Program, high school students must submit test scores such as SAT, ACT, or TSI showing they are passed or exempt based on the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standards in the subject areas of Math, Reading, and Writing.

Tuition & Fees

Dual Credit students who attend courses on their high school campus are eligible to receive our Flat Fee rate; however, students attending classes on the TJC campus are not eligible for this rate. Currently, financial aid is not available to any student that has not graduated from high school or received their GED.