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Frequently asked questions

How do I withdraw (drop) a dual credit/early admissions class at TJC or my high school?

To withdraw from a class, students need to fill out the drop form, have it signed by their high school counselor, and bring the drop form to the Dual Credit Office located in Jenkins Hall, room 106.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Dual Credit Office to withdraw from a class. If a student does not formally withdraw from a college class, they will still be given a grade. Grades at TJC or any other higher education institution are considered to be a part of the student’s college transcript.

The six drop rule does not apply to dual credit students until they graduate from high school and attend college as a first-time student.

In addition, the TJC refund policy and three-peat policy (found in the Tyler Junior College Catalog) applies to all students regardless if they are taking dual credit and/or early admissions classes. Refunds are handled through the Business Office and are typically received in 4-6 weeks after withdrawal.