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Ya-A-Te Leadership Retreat

TJC's Annual Leadership Retreat for Freshman and Sophomore Students

Join us for an immersive leadership experience. You'll meet up with fellow TJC students and learn a little bit about yourself in the process.

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Ya-A-Te means “Welcome” in Apache and is a three-day leadership retreat held off-campus for freshmen and sophomore students. It teaches leadership skills and teamwork, all while demonstrating the resources students will need for a successful future at TJC. Attendees experience the outdoors while canoeing and zip-lining, enjoy nightly activities, and compete in tribal games for the bragging rights of the ultimate tribe.

Ya-A-Te leadership group group photo
Ya-A-Te leadership group group photo
Ya-A-Te leadership group group photo
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Quotes from past Ya-A-Te attendees:

  • "I really enjoyed myself. I loved my table that I sat at everyday. Hopefully next year I will be part of an organization when I come."
  • "Had an amazing time at Ya-A-Te! I enjoyed making new friends and making new memories."
  • "I'm so glad I was able to come to Ya-A-Te. My cabinmates are now my best friends. I hope we stay in contact after this."
  • "The retreat was out of my comfort zone, but I had fun and made new friends after all!"