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Syllabus Search

TJC courses are on a new syllabus system called Concourse, which will make it quicker and easier to find your course information. 

Concourse Syllabus Search

Find your course syllabus by using the advanced search features. You can search by term, instructor name, course number, subject, year or any combination of those to find your class. Please pay close attention to the term and year, as many courses repeat year after year. 

If you have trouble locating your syllabus, please contact your professor.

For syllabi prior to Spring 2018 you will need to search the old system found here

Spring/Summer 2018 syllabi may be located in either system.

Average Faculty Evaluation

The document below contains the average faculty evaluation scores for the past three years. If you have questions please contact the Director for Institutional Effectiveness at

Average Professor Rating, Fall 2018 - Summer 2021