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Student Employment/Work Study Jobs

If you're interested in employment at TJC, you must complete an application and return it to the Office of Human Resources (HR) with a copy of your class schedule for the semester you would like to work.  

Human Resources does not assist in finding employment; students must inquire with departments across campus to secure a position. A list of departments that typically hire students is provided here: Student Employment Process

"Being a student assistant/work-study student can be a rewarding experience. You'll work on campus, preferably in the area of your major. You'll be working with quality people and learning a 'hands-on' education as well. It's great for references, friendships, and maturity. Plus, you get paid for it!" - A quote from a TJC Work-Study student.

What's in it for me?

  • 18 hours of work a week
  • Flexible work hours
  • Excellent references
  • Career experience

What is the difference between a Student Assistant job and a Work-Study job?

Any student may be hired as a Student Assistant provided they meet the basic qualifications. Some Student Assistants may qualify for Work Study. The primary difference involves the funding source for the position.

How do I apply?

Who is Eligible to be a Work-Study student?

Work Study provides jobs to students who demonstrate the greatest financial need. A student must maintain at least six (6) credit hours and meet satisfactory academic progress standards. This program is only offered to students attending the regular fall/spring terms. The state work-study allocation of funds can only be awarded to Texas residents.