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Student Employment/Work Study Jobs

Student Employment Process

1. Complete the Student Assistant/ Work study application in Human Resources. 

2. Find a department interested in hiring you. 

3. If hired, complete paperwork in Human Resources: 

  • Tax withholding (W-4) document 
  • I-9 Form (including proof of identity) 
  • F1 visa and social security card is required for international students 
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form 
  • Policy Acknowledgement 
  • Non-Disclosure/ Confidentiality Agreement 

4. If you are an international student, a letter from the hiring department will need to be sent to the Coordinator, International Student Admissions in order to begin the process to get a social security card

5. Students cannot work more than 18 hours total (per week) in combined positions at TJC. 



  • Admissions 1st Floor Rogers Student Center 903-510-3080 
  • Campus Police Campus Safety 903-510-2258 
  • Center for Student Life & Involvement 2nd Floor RSC 903-510-2259 
  • Dental Hygiene Office RNHS 903-510-2342 
  • Disability Services P-105 903-510-3026 
  • Family Learning Center of Tyler Family Learning Center 903-593-2295 
  • Health and Physical Education Center OHPE Center 903-510-2555 
  • Library Services Vaughn Library 903-510-2503 
  • Maintenance Baldwin Maintenance Bldg 903-510-2252 
  • Open Computer Lab Vaughn Library 903-510-2531 
  • Registrar Office 1st Floor Rogers Student Center 903-510-2401 
  • Tutoring Services LRC-2 903-510-2577 
  • Technical Assistant Center Vaughn Library 903-510-3208

 OTHER OPTIONS (not TJC employment, but on-campus) 

  • Follett Bookstore RSC 903-510-2522 
  • Aramark Dining Services RSC 903-510-2516 
  • (Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, Subway, Apache Junction) 

This list is only intended to give examples of departments that employ students