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University Transfer

  • You're encouraged to complete your AA Associate of Arts, AS Associate of Science or AAT Associates of Arts in Teaching prior to transferring.
  • Students who graduate with an AAS degree may also have the opportunity to transfer into a BAAS Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree at a university.

Transfer Students

Are you ready to transfer to another school but have questions or need support with your next steps in the admissions process? Join us for Transfer Tuesday! We will help you through the transfer application process, credit transfer policies, academic advising, and more!

Transfer Tuesday takes place in Rogers Student Center from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on the following dates:

  • Feb. 6, 2024
  • March 5, 2024
  • April 2, 2024
  • May 7, 2024

If you're looking to transfer to TJC from another university or higher ed institution, you can find instructions on the Transfer Student page.

Have Questions?

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How to transfer to a university from TJC

Step 1: Select your major

Find a major at TJC based on your transfer university major. If you are unsure, visit with a TJC Academic Advisor for transfer majors or research using Career Coach. Speak with an advisor at TJC and your transfer university to make sure you're taking the right courses. 

Ask these questions to your advisor:

  • Does TJC have an articulation agreement with my transfer university?
  • Will the courses I take be accepted at the college I’m considering?
  • What grades do I need to earn in my classes to get credit at the four-year colleges?
  • What’s the minimum GPA I need to maintain to get into the four-year colleges?

Step 2: Complete coursework to graduate from TJC

If you complete the core curriculum at TJC with a "C" or better, the entire core transfers to a Texas public university. That means you won’t have to worry about completing the core once you transfer. Make sure you share your plans to transfer with your TJC advisor so you can plan your coursework wisely.

Step 3: Research and select your transfer university 

Pick your transfer university early so you can visit with an advisor at that university and confirm that your courses will transfer into your desired major. Coordinate with your TJC advisor and with your planned transfer institution frequently to make sure you stay on track.

If you plan to transfer to a Texas public university, please be aware that they will accept in transfer toward a bachelor’s degree program the same number of lower-division credits required for their non-transfer students in that program but they are not required to accept lower-division transfer credit in excess of that number (although some may). Texas public universities are also not required to accept courses with a grade of “D” to count toward your field of study, core or major. 

It’s also important to understand that private or out-of-state universities may have different rules and requirements than Texas public universities.

Step 4: Maintain proper GPA

Make sure that you meet the requirements for transfer admission and scholarships to the university you've selected. Grades are the biggest factor when applying to transfer to a university. According to, SAT and ACT scores are important, but they don't play as big of a role as you might think. 

Step 5: Apply to your transfer university

Meet their application and scholarship deadlines. Some schools have scholarships set up for transfer students, so be sure to ask. In most cases, grades are the biggest factor when applying to transfer to a university.

Step 6: Arrange for your official TJC transcript to be sent to your transfer university

After you've graduated from TJC, send your transcripts to your new school. If you have a hold on your account, you'll need to clear it before we can send your transcript.

Step 7: Apply for a "reverse transfer"

If you have completed at least 25 percent of a degree program at TJC but didn’t complete your Associate’s, you may be able to transfer back college or university coursework to complete your remaining degree requirements. Send TJC the official transcript(s) from all other institutions you have attended, fill out an online graduation confirmation form and we will be happy to verify your eligibility for a degree from TJC. You earned it, now claim it!

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