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Tyler Junior College invites you to apply for funding assistance through our various scholarship programs. A limited number of annual and endowed scholarships are available to those who qualify. The amount and number of these awards will vary each year depending on funding levels.

Generally, to receive consideration for scholarships, applicants must be planning to enroll in a minimum of 12 semester credit hours each semester (fall and spring) or be accepted into a Nursing and Health Sciences program. Scholarships are not available during the summer sessions.

Submitting a scholarship application will allow applicants to be considered for most scholarships awarded by Tyler Junior College unless otherwise noted.


Submitting the TJC scholarship application will allow students to be considered for most scholarships offered by the College. Exceptions include Fine and Performing Art Scholarships and Athletic Scholarships. Based on the information provided in the scholarship application, the student will be considered for every scholarship for which they meet the criteria. A link to the scholarship application will be available when applications are being accepted.

To submit the general scholarship application for academic year 2015-2016, click on the icon below and then click on the Sign In button located at the top right of the page. Applicants must have a TJC student ID and password in order to apply. If you have not applied for admission to TJC, please submit an admissions application and then apply for scholarships once you have received your student ID and password. To apply for TJC admission, go to www.tjc.edu/apply.

Need help? For complete instructions on how to submit a scholarship application, click here.


The priority deadline is March 1 for the following academic year. Applications are accepted at any time; however, keep in mind that many students compete for scholarships. It is highly recommended that you apply as early as possible.


Some general scholarships are need-based and require the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) be completed according to respective deadlines established by the TJC financial aid office. Need is determined differently for different types of aid. While some students may not be eligible for federal aid, they may be eligible for state aid or scholarships. It is a good idea to apply for all types of aid.

2016-2017 Scholarship Disbursement Dates

Fall 2016

June 27 - Performance Grants

June 29 - Non-refundable TJC Scholarships 

June 30 - Non-refundable Outside Agency Scholarships

July 1 - All Other Scholarships

Spring 2017 

Dec. 12 - Performance Grants

Dec. 14 - Non-refundable TJC Scholarships 

Dec. 15 - Non-refundable Outside Agency Scholarships

Dec. 16 - All Other Scholarships


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