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Frequently asked questions

Where do I get my Student ID and Parking Permit?

After you have paid for your classes, you can get your ID from TJC Campus Police by visiting the Police Substation in the Rogers Student Center. They will issue you a Student ID. All students must obtain a Student ID. Your TJC ID allows you full access to the library, free admission to athletic events, and other campus services.

TJC Parking Permits are obtained through the TJC Parking Portal where you can:

  • Obtain new parking permit(s)
  • Set up permits for multiple vehicles
  • Pay for traffic violation citations

Once you have signed up, your parking permit will be mailed to you. When received, attach to the lower left corner of your rear windshield.

You will need your TJC-issued A# and password to sign in to the portal.

Visit to get started.


  • The purchase price through the portal is $0.00.
  • Students must be registered and paid for classes to obtain a parking permit.
  • Permits may take up to one week to be mailed to the address provided in the system.
  • If you have not received your permit in the mail before the first day of class, please print the temporary permit provided in your confirmation receipt and place it on your dash to avoid receiving a parking citation.


If you have questions or are having trouble signing up for your parking permit using the new online TJC Parking Portal, please get in touch with TJC Police at 903-510-2258.