Transient/Visiting Student: Steps to Enrollment | Transient/Visiting Student: Steps to Enrollment | TJC

Transient/Visiting Student: Steps to Enrollment

Are you currently a student at another college or university and want to just take a class or two this upcoming semester at TJC?  If so, you would be classified as a "transient student" at TJC.

Transient students are not required to submit TSI test scores and are not required to meet with an advisor prior to enrolling.

Before you register for your classes, be sure your submitted transcripts have been evaluated by our offices so TJC can determine if you have taken the proper prerequisite courses (as necessary). You may contact the Registrar’s office to check on the status of your transcript evaluation. The Registrar's office is located on the first floor of the White Administrative Services Center (WASC).

Although TJC does not require you to see one of our Academic Advisors, you are more than welcome to visit with one of our advisors. Also, TJC recommends checking with your advisor at your own university to make sure you take the right courses at TJC for your degree plan.