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The ability to communicate effectively and articulate succinctly are exceptional advantages that will serve you well in your career and throughout your life.

In this program, you'll navigate diverse communication styles, develop critical thinking skills for making well-reasoned decisions and create high-impact presentations that will give you an edge both professionally and personally. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from our highly experienced staff.

With a degree in Speech, you'll satisfy the first two years of a liberal arts education and create an excellent stepping stone to a long and prosperous career in this exciting field.

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Speech and Debate Team

The TJC Speech and Debate Team has existed for more than 60 years and is among the very first to compete in collegiate forensics in the state of Texas. The program has a well-earned tradition of excellence. 


Speech & Debate Team
TJC debate team

What our Students Say

Andy Smith

"I owe much to the TJC Forensics program. Participating on the team not only increased my public speaking abilities, but also developed my leadership and collaboration skills. I credit the foundation laid by the TJC Forensics program as key to the success I’ve enjoyed in my career."

Andy Smith
Executive Director, Texas Instruments Foundation

Jessica Peters

"Being a part of the TJC forensics team was one the greatest experiences of my life. Beyond the benefits of developing my speaking skills, I was taught invaluable lessons of confidence, composure and resilience, which directly contribute to my professional and personal achievements even today."

Jessica Peters
Account Executive, Edelman PR firm, London, England

Tom Hill

"Every major success I've had in life I can trace back to my time at TJC. From the invaluable skills to the incredible people I've connected with, the forensics team prepared me for life after I graduated."

Tom Hill
Debate Coach, The Village School, Houston, TX