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Mass Communication

Communication is a broad field that covers mass media, journalism, advertising, and public relations. Our classes are taught by professors who have years of experience in their fields and prepare our students to start careers immediately after graduation, or continue their education at a four-year university.

What our Students Say

Andrea Masenda

"Being a part of TJC’s Journalism department was my first experience in journalism ever - my foundation was really built there. My involvement with The Apache Pow Wow (now The DrumBeat) was a resume builder that I used to get accepted into internship programs and ultimately into the journalism school at TCU."

Andrea Masenda
Assistant Editor, ESPN Digital - Social/Viral Content

Kamren Scott

"The TJC Journalism Department provided me not only with the communication skills to be successful in a variety of mediums, but also with the management skills to pursue and excel in leadership positions. The department also helped me secure internships in different positions and industries that provided valuable insight into which career path was best for me."

Kamren Scott
Digital Media Specialist, Space Center Houston

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