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As a Dance major, you'll learn the theory, practice and fundamental physical skills required for this amazing form of human expression, all while you prepare for a rewarding career as a choreographer or dance instructor. College-level Dance will challenge you mentally and physically. If you're ready to take your dance career to the next level, you're ready for TJC.

We'll provide students seeking associate degrees or transfer credit in dance with technical training and performance experience. 

We'll also provide historical knowledge and appreciation of the art form, and offer cultural enrichment opportunities to all students and community members through class offerings and public performances.

The curriculum provides a comprehensive approach to learning dance by integrating the aesthetics, historical, critical, cultural, and fundamental aspects of dance as an art form. You may also check out the Academy of Dance page.

Upcoming Dance Events

Student Dance Project 

Friday, April 24th, 7 p.m., Jean Browne Theatre 

Annual Spring Show, "Aladdin" 

All Aladdin performances are located at the Caldwell Auditorium. For more information, visit .

Academy of Dance Showcase 

Saturday, May 9th, 11 a.m., Caldwell Auditorium

We offer courses in the following disciplines: 


These courses emphasize proper body placement as it applies to the technique of classical ballet. Ballet vocabulary and proper execution of classical ballet exercises and steps are stressed, along with a knowledge of the history and development of ballet in Europe and the United States.

Modern Dance

This course explores the technique of Modern Dance by using structures, alignment, breathing/relaxation and dynamics of movement. Various styles of movement are presented and used in class.


This course focuses on technique of contemporary music and its effect on style, rhythm and dynamics, in both solo and group work, and employs the many elements of dance that comprise current movement styles.


This course emphasizes technique. The class introduces rhythm and coordination exercises that develop into extended choreography pieces using past and present elements of tap dance.

Degree Plans