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The English Department at TJC provides the broad foundational core of a college education. As an English major, you’ll read and analyze literature while learning the important components of writing and composition.

Our program will help you enhance your writing, critical thinking and reading skills while it helps you express your creativity and broaden your mind as you continue down your professional or educational pathway.

The English Department is a close community of professors and students committed to their craft. Our faculty-to-student ratio is incredibly low, with one faculty member for every five students who are English majors–nearly unheard of in an English Department anywhere in higher education. This fosters a creative and nurturing environment where you can build deep and lasting connections with the faculty and your fellow students. 

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Why choose English at TJC

Low faculty-student ratio

Our English Department has one faculty member for every five English majors.


We have agreements with universities in Texas which guarantees your courses will transfer.

Writing Center

TJC's Writing Center is a free resource for students who need help writing or just want someone to review their papers.

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