Available Testing

HESI: Occupational Therapy Assistant

All Occupational Therapy Assistant applicants must take the HESI A2 VERSION 1 TEST, which is administered in the Testing Services department located on the 2nd floor of the Rogers Student Center on the TJC main campus for a fee of $50.00. Permission to take the exam must be granted based on the applicant’s readiness by an Occupational Therapy Assistant representative.

An applicant must take the following HESI subtests:

  1. Math
  2. Reading
  3. Vocabulary and General Knowledge
  4. Chemistry
  5. Anatomy and Physiology
  6. Learning Style (not included in points)
  7. Personality Profile (not included in points)

Steps an applicant must take in order to take the HESI A2 exam:

  1. Occupational Therapy Assistant departmental representative. This representative will give you a ticket. Make sure the ticket has a department authorized signature, your student ID number (A#) and date.
  2. Set up a HESI account by going to https://evolve.elsevier.com. Click on the Login link and then click on the Create Account link. Make sure to write down the user id and password you created as this information will be required on the day of the test.
  3. You may take your HESI exam at the Main Campus testing center located in the Rogers Student Center. You must be at the testing facility and ready to test at least 4 ½ hours before closing time. Please call and make an appointment to take your exam. Main Campus: (903) 510-2051.
  4. When you arrive for testing, you will be required to pay a $50 testing fee. Payment can be at the Testing Center or the Cashier’s Office. Testing Services will accept check, credit card, money order or cash payments. Along with the receipt of the test fee payment, you will need to present a valid photo ID, such as driver’s license, military ID, passport, concealed handgun license or TJC Student ID.
  5. On the day of the test, make sure you have brought your HESI Account User ID and Password.

What is the HESI Exam?

The HESI A2 Version 1 exam is a comprehensive test that evaluates the academic and social skills of new applicants to the Occupational Therapy Assistant program. A brief explanation of each subtest follows:

Math: Focuses on math skills for health care fields, including basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, decimals, ratio and proportions, household measures and general math facts.

Reading: Provides reading scenarios over medical topics in order to measure reading comprehension, identifying the main idea, finding meaning of words in context, passage comprehension and making logical inferences.

Vocabulary/General Knowledge: Contains vocabulary terms that are used commonly in both general English speaking and in the health care fields.

Anatomy and Physiology: Provides coverage of general terminology and anatomical structures and systems.

Chemistry: Contains test items that cover matter, chemical equations and reactions, the periodic table, atomic structure, nuclear chemistry, chemical bonding, etc.

Personality Profile: Uses concepts related to introversion and extroversion to classify the student’s personality style.

Learning Style: Assesses the preferred learning style of the prospective applicant and offers test-taking and study tips suited to that learning style.

Can a Student Retest?

One or more sections of the HESI A2 Version 1 Test may be retaken once per application period to achieve a better score. HESI A2 Version 1 is the only version accepted.

Is There a Study Guide?

A study guide can be purchased at www.elsevier.com or at various bookstores. The ISBN is 978-1-4557-0333-3 for reference. The cost varies from $30.00 to $45.00 on different websites.