Accidents/Medical | Emergency Procedures | TJC

Emergency Procedures



  • The Campus Clinic located in Rogers Nursing and Health Sciences Center is staffed 8 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The campus clinic telephone number is 903-510-3862.
  • Between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. Monday-Friday, or on weekends, contact Campus Police at 903-510-2222.
  • Complete Medical Emergency/Accident report.


  • Is the person breathing?  Can he/she talk or cough?
  • Notify Campus Police at 903-510-2222 and/or call 911.
  • Follow the emergency medical instructions provided by the dispatcher.
  • Complete Medical Emergency/Accident report.

Medical Emergencies/Accidents

Subjects suffering injuries or illness will not be transported to medical facilities in Campus Police patrol vehicles. If a subject requires transportation to a medical facility, Campus Police will contact Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Under no circumstances may an employee of the College transport an injured or ill student or visitor from the campus. Campus Police will contact Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

In the event of a medical emergency or accident involving TJC students, employees or visitors to campus, contact the Campus Police officer on duty at 903-510-2222 or call 911, then notify Campus Police that 911 has been called. The Campus Police officer will render temporary medical assistance and contact the Campus Clinic at 903-510-3862, or call 911 for Emergency Medical Services (EMS). If, in the opinion of the person reporting the medical emergency or accident, the situation is life threatening, call 911 for immediate assistance, then notify Campus Police at 903-510- 2222.

Campus Police officers responding to the scene of a medical emergency or accident will administer first aid as necessary and appropriately disseminate a Medical Emergency/Accident Report. Employees are expected to report any medical/accident incident regardless of the severity.


If someone is having a seizure:

  • Help them gently to the ground
  • Move objects they might strike away from them (like chairs or tables)
  • Call 911 and then Campus Police at 903-510-2222
  • Ask others nearby to give the person some privacy
  • Follow emergency medical directions provided by the dispatcher

Refusal of Assistance

Should subject(s) refuse first aid or assistance, the following information should be requested:

  • Name of individual
  • Date and time of contact
  • Location of incident
  • Name, location and phone number of person obtaining information

This information should be reported to the Campus Police office for documentation and distribution to the appropriate campus personnel.

Internal Standard Operations Procedure for Medical Emergencies/Accident Reports

These follow-up procedures are to be used when a Medical Emergency/Accident Report is filed:

  1. Campus Police will mail/deliver, by the following business day, copies of the Medical Emergency/Accident Report to the following designated offices:
  • Purchasing/Insurance
  • Human Resources
  • Campus Police
  • Designated Dean
  • Environmental Health and Safety Director
  • Medical emergency and accident report information will be included in the daily operations report to the President.
  • The Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, the Dean of Students, and/or designee will act as facilitator to ensure personal support for the victim, appropriate follow-up, and assist the various designated institutional offices with date and information concerning the medical emergency or accident.