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New Student Orientation


It’s important to be prepared for not only New Student Orientation, but also for the start of the academic year.

We have compiled a list of tasks to review and complete. Please note that students must submit TSI scores and/or exemptions before they can sign up for New Student Orientation (NSO). 

Prepare for New Student Orientation

  1. To attend New Student Orientation you will need to submit your TSI scores and/or exemptions to the TJC Admissions Office. Learn more about the TSI here.
  2. Complete our easy registration form to sign up for the Orientation session you want!

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Prepare to be an Apache

There is a complete list of enrollment steps for first-time college students here.

Here are a few key things that we recommend doing before attending orientation.

  • Submit your transcripts
    • This allows our advising team to provide you with the best service while at NSO.
  • Explore majors and careers
    • We have a variety of tools and tips for individuals that have not discovered what they hope to major in or what career field they’d like to enter after graduating!
  • Apply for financial aid
    •  Don’t let finances get in the way of achieving your dreams. Apply for aid early at and check on your status while at New Student Orientation.

Prepare for the start of classes

After you’ve attended New Student Orientation, it’s time to prepare for the start of the school year! The following items are encouraged for all students to complete ahead of arriving on campus in August.

  • Continue to check your TJC email account daily for important updates as the semester approaches.
  • Should you have questions or concerns regarding your class schedule, or wish to change your major, reach out to your academic advisor for assistance.
  • Complete the necessary FERPA forms to grant your parents or guardians access to your student account information, should you wish for it to be available to them.
  • Consider registering for Ya-A-Te, a spirits and traditions camp hosted by the Center for Student Life and Involvement.
  • Check your course syllabi for needed books and supplies.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions you have about preparing for the fall!, call 903-510-2523, or text 903-371-0120.