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Policies & Procedures

Missing Student Information

Policy Statement

It is the policy of Tyler Junior College to follow approved procedures and guidelines when a student is reported or declared missing.

Facts of Interest

Each resident will be informed regarding the Missing Student Notification procedures upon check-in at their residence hall. Each resident will provide the name and contact number of an individuals(s) that should be contacted in case of an emergency. Upon determination that a student is missing, the Vice President of Student Affairs will be notified immediately. The individual identified on the Residential Life and Housing Emergency Contact form will be contacted no later than 24 hours after the time the student is determined missing, in accordance with official notification procedures established by the College.

For any resident under the age of 18, who is not emancipated, the institution will notify a custodial parent or guardian no later than 24 hours after the time that the resident is determined to be missing by College staff. When a member of the College community has reason to believe that a student is missing, all possible efforts will be made immediately to locate the student to determine his or her condition.


Once the Vice President for Student Affairs has confirmed that a student is missing, the following steps will be taken:

  1. Notifies the President and appropriate staff and faculty that a student has been missing for more than 24 hours.
  2. Files a missing person report with Campus Police, who in turn notifies Tyler Police Department.
  3. Notifies the person designated as an emergency contact on the Resident Hall Student Information form.
  4. If the student is under 18, and not an emancipated individual, the student’s custodial or legal guardian is notified.