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Policies & Procedures

Sexual Assault

Tyler Junior College is committed to maintaining an environment free from all exploitation and intimidation based on sex. Tyler Junior College will not tolerate sexual assault or sexual harassment in any form.

It is the policy of Tyler Junior College that sexual assault, including rape and other offenses, is a violation of the Board Policy Manual, the Student Code of Conduct, and the Texas Penal code.

Tyler Junior College provides various programming to enhance sexual assault awareness and prevention throughout the year. Specific emphasis is given during Apache Orientation and Residential Life Hall meetings. Selected faculty and staff members and community experts give presentations and provide resources upon request. Informational pamphlets are provided upon request through Campus Police, at the Visitor Information Center, and at the Counseling Center.

If the allegations are against an employee, Campus Police and the Office of Human Resources will conduct a concurrent investigation. If the subject of the inquiry is suspended without pay or dismissed as a result of the investigation, those actions will be in accordance with procedures outlined in the Board Policy Manual. However, any disciplinary action decided upon will not preclude the continuance or subsequent outcome of the Campus Police investigation, including the filing of criminal charges against the subject unless directed to do otherwise by the complainant and/or the District Attorney's office. Parties to any sex-related offense (forcible and non-forcible) are entitled to and will be given results of any disciplinary actions taken.

Any sex-related offense (forcible or non-forcible) alleged to have been committed by a student will be investigated by Campus Police. Campus Police Officers will investigate and take action on violations of federal, state, and local laws. Campus Police will assist when requested with violations of the Student Code of Conduct anywhere on campus. Campus Police will refer their actions and reports to the Student Discipline Committee. The Student Discipline Committee will be notified and kept informed of the progress in the investigation. Possible sanctions against a student found guilty of sexual assault through on-campus proceedings include expulsion, suspension, and probation. Students whose presence poses a continuing danger to persons or property or an ongoing threat of disruption to the academic process may be immediately removed from the College with loss of all college privileges. The accuser and the accused perpetrator are entitled to have an adviser or advocate present during campus disciplinary proceedings. Parties to any sex-related offense (forcible and non-forcible) are entitled to and will be given results of any disciplinary actions taken.

Complaints of sex-related offenses (forcible or non-forcible) committed while on Tyler Junior College property by persons other than students or employees will be investigated by Campus Police and arrests made and charges filed according to law.

In those instances where sexual assault is alleged, the victim is strongly encouraged to report the incident to a law enforcement agency. A sexual assault victim may seek on-campus assistance by contacting Campus Police weekdays (903) 510-2258, nights and weekends (903) 510-2222 (last four if on campus); or by visiting the Campus Police Office at 1020 S. Baxter; or by contacting the Tyler Junior College Counseling Office located in the Rogers Student Center weekdays (903) 510-2389. To file an emergency sexual assault report off-campus call the City of Tyler Police Department at 911 or (903) 531-1000; or the East Texas Crisis Center at (903) 509-2526. Upon request by the victim of a sexual assault, College personnel will assist in notifying these authorities. Victims can avail themselves of various professional referral programs located on campus and off campus. Other private organizations can be identified upon request. Students should refer to the Student Handbook for more information. Employees should refer to the Board Policy Manual for further details. A comprehensive list of agencies that provide counseling, mental health, or other social services is published in the Student Handbook.

Reporting an assault does not mean that the victim must press charges or take the case to criminal trial or a college disciplinary hearing. If you prefer anonymity, Campus Police can report the crime under a pseudonym and the crime will be prosecuted without revealing your name. Even if a victim has not decided whether to press charges, calling the police and going to the hospital will allow for his/her emotional or medical needs to be cared for and will preserve the option of the victim to press charges.

If an assault occurs off-campus, call the local law enforcement authorities as soon as possible. If the assault occurs on campus, contact Campus Police as soon as possible. If an assault occurs, don't change clothes or bathe. All physical evidence, including seminal fluids, hair, blood types, and scrapings of flesh from the victim's nails may be used in court.

After reporting a sexual assault, a victim has the option for, and may request assistance in, changing academic or employment situations. A student victim may request assistance from Campus Police, the Student Discipline Committee, and Residential Life. If the victim is a faculty or staff member, assistance may be obtained from Campus Police and the Director, Human Resources, and the appropriate supervisor. Accommodations will be made only if so requested by the victim, and only if such changes are reasonably available.

Counseling and referral information for survivors of sexual assault is available on campus through the Counseling Center and off-campus through the East Texas Crisis Center.