International Student: Steps to Enrollment

Thank you for your interest in Tyler Junior College! With students from more than 35 countries, innovative programs and a supportive community, we believe you’ll find an excellent educational experience at TJC!

TJC College District is Certified through SEVP (Student Exchange and Visitor Program) for international students to obtain F-1 Student VISA.

Follow the following steps to apply as an International student at TJC, and contact the International Student Office via email at to inquire, if you have questions while completing the International Admission process.

Download Admissions Checklist

Application Deadlines
Semester Deadline Date
FALL (August- December) June 15
SPRING (January- May) November 1

How to Apply

Students from foreign countries seeking F-1 student VISA to attend a SEVP accredited institution must complete the TJC Admissions Application online first; then, the International Admission packet must be completed before the International Admission office be able to Issue the SEVIS I-20 to complete the Admission Process .

Make sure the name on your Admission Application matches the name on your passport. If the name is different than how appears on your transcript, notify us immediately. 

International students must obtain an F-1 student visa through the U.S. Consulate in their home country before arriving in the United States. For helpful information on how to navigate the U.S. Immigration system, please visit the Student and Exchange Visitor Program page.

1: Apply for International Admissions

2: Submit a copy of your passport

Biography page of Passport and VISA page (if it applies) includes picture and birthday information as well type of VISA issued. Original Passport will be required to be shown at check-in.

3: Submit English proficiency scores:

Minimum required scores are the following: 

  • TOEFL = 64;
  • IELTS = 6.0;
  • High School Graduate from High School in the US;
  • Completion of ESL program or Intensive English Certificate in the US
  • Citizens from countries where English is commonly used are exempt from TOEFL. 

Register for TOEFL visit; for IELTS: 

4: Confirmation of financial resources and bank statements

Students must be able to provide evidence that they currently have the funds available to cover the cost of attendance to TJC ($22,500 in Saving or Checking Account). The student also must complete the Confirmation of Financial Resources form, then have the bank official Certify that the information is accurate, and stamp it with the bank seal or stamp.

If the student is not the bank account holder, then the student must have the account holder sign as the sponsor. and complete the Confirmation of Financial Resources form. These documents must be originals; they cannot be accepted via email or fax.

Bank statements certified and signed by the Bank Official must be submitted with the Confirmation of Financial Resources form. If the name on the bank statement does not match the Confirmation of Financial Resources, then, the account holder should complete the form.

Confirmation of Financial Resources must be courier mail, since emails or faxes of these documents will not be accepted. 

Failure to complete the documents accurately could delay the SEVIS I-20 process and your ability to receive it.

5. Transcript Requirements

  1. Freshman Students: Final Official/High School Transcript (with Graduation Date and Certified English translation/ evaluation if it applies) certified evaluated/translated previous College/University transcript.
  2. College/University transcript: Official certified evaluated/translated previous college/university transcript.
  3. All transcripts must be official original or notarized/certified copy 

6. Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination

Submit proof of vaccination

Proof of Bacterial meningitis is required for individuals under 22 years old. Name and birthday must be included on the record. The vaccination must have been taken within the last 5 years. Vaccination type provided must be listed (required: MCV4 or MPSV4)

The form must be completed and signed by the physician or health care provider (printed name, office, address, license number, and phone of provider must be included).

7. Statement of Understanding

Students must read carefully before signing the statement of understanding. When signing, they are agreeing to each statement before being considered for admission.

8. Processing of I-20

Once a prospective student completes all Admissions requirements, he/she will be notified by email to complete the shipping information.

9. Transfer F-1 Visa students

F- 1 VISA students enrolled at another SEVP accredited educational institution in the US, and have a valid F-1 VISA (including authorized English language schools), need to complete the Admissions checklist in addition to the SEVIS Transfer Release form from their transferring institution; current I-94; current valid SEVIS I-20. (Make sure name on the admissions application matches name as shown on the Passport).

  1. Complete the TJC International Admission Application
  2. Provide copies of immigration documents:
    • Passport- biography page
    • Current F-1 VISA Stamp
    • Copy of I-94 Form (can be printed electronically)
    • Current I-20
    • Transfer in Form: Student must print the pdf transfer in form, and have the DSO from their current institution complete and submit the form to TJC, for TJC International Admissions approve the SEVIS Record to be transferred to us. (Incomplete records will NOT be approved for I-20 transfer)
  3. Bacterial meningitis Vaccination (If under 22 years old)
  4. Confirmation of Financial Resources
  5. College/University transcript: previous official certified evaluated/translated College/University transcript.
  6. TSI scores should be provided on official transcript

Mandatory Orientation

All new and transfer International students are required to attend the international orientation. As per SEVP requirements, DSO must collect the SEVIS registration during the orientation to complete the SEVIS registration. No exceptions will be made to this policy. Failure to attend Orientation will result in immediate termination of the student I-20.

This orientation typically takes place during the first two weeks of each long semester. 

Concurrent Enrollment

International Students with current I-20 in status are allowed to take 3 or 4-hour course at TJC as long as they remain in full time status at another SEVP accredited institution.

A written pdf form from the host institutions (the one that issued the I-20) must be completed and signed by the International DSO. The authorization must be submitted every semester for which the student intends to take courses. Student also must submit:

  • Complete the International Admission Application:
  • Copy of passport biography page
  • Current F-1 VISA stamp
  • Current I-20
  • Official transcript from previous institutions
  • Proof of bacterial meningitis (if under 22 years old)
  • TSI scores should be provide on official transcript

Other Visa Types

International students may hold a different type of VISA other than F-1; any other type of VISA holder desiring to enroll classes at TJC must contact the International Admissions, as each VISA type may have specific restrictions and regulations depending on the nature of the VISA.

B- VISA holders are not allowed to enroll for classes; before applying for Admission, B- VISA holders must change to a different VISA type.

All documents must be mailed to:


Tyler Junior College
International Admissions
PO Box 9020
Tyler, Texas 75711  


Tyler Junior College
International Admissions
1327 S Baxter
Tyler, Texas 75701