International Student: Steps to Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment

International Students with current I-20 in status are allowed to take 3 or 4-hour course at TJC as long as they remain in full time status at another SEVP accredited institution.

A written pdf form from the host institutions (the one that issued the I-20) must be completed and signed by the International DSO. The authorization must be submitted every semester for which the student intends to take courses. Student also must submit:

Make sure the name on your application matches the name as it appears on your passport. If it is different than how it appears on your transcript, please notify us.

  • Copy of passport biography page
  • Current F-1 VISA stamp
  • Current I-20
  • Official transcript from previous institutions
  • Proof of bacterial meningitis (if under 22 years old)
  • TSI scores should be provide on official transcript