International Student: Steps to Enrollment

Initial Enrollment

1. Apply for International Admissions or

Make sure the name on your application matches the name as it appears on your passport. If it is different than how it appears on your transcript, please notify us.

2. Submit a copy of your passport

We will need a copy of the first page of your passport showing your name, date of birth, and expiration date.  The expiration date must be more than six months away. We also need a copy of the visa page from your passport.

3. Submit English proficiency scores:

Minimum required scores are the following: 

  • TOEFL = 64;
  • IELTS = 6.0;
  • High School Graduate from High School in the US;
  • College-ready in Reading and Writing based on ACT/SAT scores
  • Completion of ESL program or Intensive English Certificate in the US
  • Citizens from countries where English is commonly used are exempt from TOEFL. 

Native students from the following countries are exempt from proving English proficiency:

Australia, The Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Botswana, Cameroon, Cayman Islands, English speaking Canadian provinces, The Fiji Islands, Gambia, Ghana, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Liberia, Malta, Nauru, Nigeria, New Zealand, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Tobago Trinidad, Uganda, United Kingdom, The Virgin Islands, the West Indies, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

4. Confirmation of financial resources and bank statements

Submission of the following two pieces of information:

  • Confirmation of Financial Resources form: Students must submit this form providing evidence of sufficient funds ($22,500) to cover the cost of the student’s education.  If a sponsor is assisting them, the sponsors information must be included.  The bank must certify and stamp this form before submission or the original stamped form.  
  • Bank statements:  Submission of three months’ worth of certified bank statements signed by the bank official reflecting the named sponsor resources.  Totals need to be shown in U.S. dollars.    

Confirmation of Financial Resources and Bank Statements may be submitted electronically, as long as the bank seal is affixed to the documents.

5. Transcript Requirements

We will need official transcripts or notarized copies from your high school, as well as any colleges or universities you have attended – either in the U.S. or abroad. We also need proof that you have had these transcripts evaluated by an accepted evaluation company from this list.

  1. Freshman Students: Final Official/High School Transcript (with Graduation Date and Certified English translation/ evaluation if it applies) 
  2. College/University transcript: Official certified evaluated/translated previous college/university transcript.
  3. All transcripts must be official original or notarized/certified copy 

6. Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination

All students under the age of 22 must submit Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination forms.

Submit proof of vaccination

7. Statement of Understanding

Students must read carefully before signing the statement of understanding. When signing, they are agreeing to each statement before being considered for admission. 

Please read carefully and initial each statement on the blank in front of the statement. 

On the second page, please provide your physical mailing address and your city of birth for the completion of your I-20. 

Processing of I-20

Once a prospective student completes all Admissions requirements, he/she will be notified by email to complete the shipping information.

Download the statement of understanding.