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Greece Travel Study

How to Join

The tour is open to the public. Any community member, student, or faculty member may enroll for this project. All age groups are welcome to join this tour.

Option 1 (March 6-15, 2020) 

The cost for the Ten-Day Tour is $2,090 for the land portion plus the airfare. 
Single supplement: $450 ($50 per night) 

Option 2 (March 5-15)

The cost for the Eleven-Day Tour is $2,190 ($2,090 + $100) for the land portion plus the airfare (Double Room). 
Single supplement: $500 ($50 per night) 

Option 3 (March 5-16)

The cost for the Twelve-Day Tour is $2,290 ($2,090 + 200) for the land portion plus the airfare. 
Single supplement: $550 ($50 per night)

A deposit of $590 is required at the time of enrollment.  

Reservation Form

Enrollment will be based on the space availability and on a first come, first serve basis. Travelers are welcome to join the tour at the last minute, as long as we have space and we are able to make arrangements after the deadline.  Please inquire about the space availability regardless of published deadlines.

The tour is subject to a minimum of sixteen participants.  

Airline Ticket Information

Important Note: Weekend rates (10-day tour) for airfares are normally high.  Generally speaking, 11 and/or 12-day tour will have much cheaper airline tickets since the return dates are weekdays.  Every traveler will buy their own air ticket (the cheapest and most convenient route). If you so desire, we will help you with the purchase of the ticket.

Before purchasing your airline ticket, please consult with Dr. K to avoid any shortcomings and/or conflicts.  


  • Can I buy my own airline ticket?
    • Yes! Travelers are free to purchase their own airline tickets.
  • Can I extend my stay in Greece?
    • Travelers may extend their visit to Greece and/or Turkey at their own expense beyond our tour.
  • Does Greece require a visa?
    • No, Greece does not require a visa for the travelers with an American passport.