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Library Policies

Checkout Policies

Books are checked out to library patrons at the 1st-floor Circulation Desk. To check out materials from Vaughn Library, a patron must present one of the following.

  • Current TJC student ID card
  • Current Vaughn Library Courtesy Card
  • Current TJC Faculty/Staff ID card
  • Current TexShare library program card

Books are checked out to faculty, staff, students, and community users for a three-week period with an optional 1-week renewal. TJC students are limited to four books per subject category with 12 books being the maximum number checked out.

Nonstudents (which would include Vaughn Library Courtesy Cardholders or TexShare cardholders) may check out a total of two books at any one time for a three-week period with an optional 1-week renewal.

TJC faculty and staff may check out up to 20 books at a time for 3 weeks with a 1-week renewal. 

Library items may be returned at the Circulation Desk, in the book drop on the library's front porch, or in the book drop at the curb of the student parking lot on the west side of Rogers Student Center. All boxes are emptied daily.

Checkout Procedure

Materials to be checked out should be taken to the Circulation Desk where the patron must present an appropriate ID card. If a hold has been placed on that patron's record, the patron must clear the hold before checkout can proceed.

Vaughn Library Courtesy Cards will be issued to qualified community users. Special patron passes will be issued upon the recommendation of the college president or the Director of Library Services. All such courtesy cardholders will be limited to checking out two items at any one time.

In keeping with the open-door policy of Tyler Junior College, the use of library facilities without checkout privileges is extended to the general public; however, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.