Nursing, Vocational

Vocational nurse graduates contribute to the plan of care by collaborating with the interdisciplinary team members and with the patient's family. You will readily integrate technical skills and use of computers and equipment into practice. Vocational nurses represent the beginning level of the nursing practice continuum in the roles of Member of the Profession, Provider of Patient-Centered Care, Patient Safety Advocate, and Member of the Health Care Team.

Why Choose Vocational Nursing

Degree Plans


Successful completion of TJC's VN curriculum leads to a Certificate of Proficiency. After successful completion of the curriculum, graduates are qualified to apply for the National Council Licensure Exam for Licensed Vocational Nurses.

Only students who have completed a program of education approved by the State Board of Nursing and who have successfully passed the state licensing examination are authorized to practice as licensed vocational nurses.

For students in this program who may have a criminal background, please be advised that the background could keep you from being licensed by the State of Texas. If you have a question about your background and licensure, please speak with your faculty member or the department chair. You also have the right to request a criminal history evaluation letter from the applicable licensing agency.