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How to Apply: Nursing

Admission Health Requirements

During clinical rotations, you will perform activities that involved direct patient contact with the potential to be exposed to blood or bodily fluids.

Nursing applicants must submit documentation in compliance with Texas Administrative Code 25.1.97.B Immunization Requirements in Texas Elementary and Secondary Schools and Institutions of Higher Education.

The following health requirements must be compliant and submitted to CastleBranch by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the admission period.





  Applicants must submit a valid laboratory report that indicates confirmation of their immunity or infection (TAC25 §97.65)   Applicants must show acceptable evidence of vaccination (TAC25 §97.64, 97.68)
Measles (Rubeola) Positive Measles IgG titer OR  Two doses of Measles vaccine
(administered since January 1, 1968)
Mumps Positive Mumps IgG titer OR  Two doses of Mumps vaccine
Rubella Positive Rubella IgG titer OR  One dose of Rubella vaccine
Varicella Positive Varicella IgG titer OR  Two doses of Varicella vaccine
Hepatitis B Positive Hepatitis B Anti-HBs  titer OR Three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine

What is a surface antibody titer?

A surface antibody titer is a lab test conducted on a sample of your blood to determine if you have immunity to a specific disease. If your Hepatitis B titer is NOT positive, contact the TJC Nursing office at 903-510-2869 to receive further instructions. See an example of a compliant lab report.

Complio Account

You need to create your Complio account, purchase the “TJC Nursing Clinical Requirements Applicant Tracker” package and upload your documents before you apply.

You don't need to wait for the admission period to purchase your health requirement tracker and start submitting your documents. You can do this at any point while you work toward completing your admission requirements and prerequisite courses. In fact, the sooner you complete this, the better!

If you have a Complio account with another college or university, TJC Nursing can’t view this account and you can’t transfer your tracker from one college/university to another. You must purchase the TJC Nursing package in order to be compliant with our admission criteria.

Submitting documents to Complio does not guarantee compliance with our health requirements. All documents must be approved by Complio in accordance with TJC Nursing guidelines. Rejected documents are not accepted.

Create Your Complio Account and Purchase Your Admission Tracker

While it is not required, we recommend you use your TJC student email to created your Complio account. Complio is used to track all health requirements throughout the duration of enrollment in the nursing program and sends reminder notices to the email address on file when items are coming up for renewal.

If you do not use your TJC email address, make sure it is an email account that you check on a regular basis so you don’t miss these important reminders.

Follow the steps below to create your account:
1. Go to:
2. Complete the required fields and purchase your tracker.

You will still use CastleBranch as your pre-acceptance tracker until December 2023. Complio will be required for post-acceptance tracker.
Starting January 2024, we will only use Complio for your pre- and post-acceptance tracker.