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How to Apply: Nursing

Post-Acceptance Requirements

Please Note: These requirements are “post-acceptance” and do not need to be complete as part of your application to the nursing program.

To be granted full admission status additional requirements must be completed. If these requirements are not completed by the deadline provided, your placement offer will be withdrawn.

TJC Nursing Post-Acceptance requirements are:

  • Attend a mandatory onboarding session
  • Complete HIPAA/OSHA training
  • Negative drug test
  • Texas Board of Nursing Licensure Eligibility (background check)
  • CPR certification
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis vaccination
  • Negative TB test
  • Seasonal flu vaccine
  • Compliance with Essential Competencies (physical exam & student health history)
  • Attend SUCCESS Camp Orientation

Texas Board of Nursing License Eligibility (Background Check)

To begin a nursing program and be eligible to take your state licensure exam you must complete a background check through the Texas Board of Nursing. The Board of Nursing needs to be aware of any criminal charges, arrests, addictions, substance abuse, or mental health diagnosis that you may have had. You cannot start courses in the TJC Nursing program until you have been granted NCLEX-PN/NCLEX-RN eligibility through the Texas Board of Nursing background process.

The background check process begins after conditional placement into the Nursing program. Once the background check is complete the Texas Board of Nursing will notify you of the outcome. In some circumstances, the Board of Nursing may require you to complete a petition for Declaratory Order and submit additional documentation so the Board can determine your eligibility.

A petition for Declaratory Order is a formal disclosure to the Board of an outstanding eligibility issue that may prevent you from taking the NCLEX examination upon completion of a nursing program. The Declaratory Order process permits the Board to make decisions regarding your eligibility for licensure prior to entering or completing a nursing program.

Important Notice: If you have any criminal history that you need to disclose it is recommended that you wait for the initial outcome letter before filing a Declaratory Order, however, you should start collecting official legal documents that may be needed.

If you have a non-criminal disclosure (can answer ‘yes’ to eligibility questions #2-5) you should submit a Declaratory Order you can file your Declaratory Order prior to enrollment in a nursing program.

If the Texas Board of Nursing requires you to file a Petition for Declaratory Order, this process can take between 30 and 120 days to complete. 

If you have questions regarding the background process and your NCLEX eligibility, you can contact the Texas Board of Nursing at (512) 305-7400 or