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Percussion Auditions

Requirements before the audition

Make sure that you have filled out and returned the TJC Band Membership Application form and your High School Band Director has filled out and returned the Band Director Recommendation Form.

Audition Schedule

Your audition will be scheduled by appointment between the months of February and May, once we have received your information and band director recommendation form.

The audition should take 15-20 minutes, but please allow at least an hour for travel and warm-up. If you can afford the time, we can also arrange an informal campus tour by one of our students after your audition, but please let us know in advance if you would like a campus tour, by contacting Jeremy Strickland at or call (903) 510-3168.

Audition Materials

  1. Prepare a Mallet Etude or Solo of your choosing.  Major Scales and arpeggios may additionally be requested by the instructor OR
  2. Prepare a Snare Etude or Solo of your choosing. Rudiments may additionally be requested by instructor.

Students interested in being music majors are encouraged to perform both a snare and a mallet piece. Percussionists may discuss alternate instrumentation audition options with Tom McGowan.

Drumline Battery and Pit Percussion selection is determined by a separate audition camp during the month of June. YOU MUST DO AN INDIVIDUAL AUDITION in order to be eligible for scholarships.

If you have any questions regarding percussion auditions, please contact Tom McGowan via email at or 903-510-2375.