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Satisfactory Academic Progress

How to Appeal

Students are offered the opportunity to appeal their financial aid ineligibility when placed on suspension. If an appeal is approved for financial aid reinstatement, students will be placed on financial aid probation and will receive only one probationary period of aid. Students then must meet all three SAP requirements at the end of the semester to continue to receive financial aid. If students do not meet the terms of probation, eligibility for financial aid will cease and all remaining aid will be cancelled. Subsequent financial aid suspensions cannot be appealed. Once a student loses eligibility, the only way to regain eligibility for financial aid is to make up the deficit that placed them on suspension to meet SAP requirements.

If an appeal is denied, students will not be eligible for financial aid. Students with denied appeals are offered the opportunity to request a review of this denial by the 2nd level appeals committee.  Appeal decisions by the 2nd level committee are final and cannot be overturned.

Notification of Appeal Decisions

All students are notified of their appeal decision to their TJC student email account. Students can also view their eligibility status from the Apache Access financial aid menu.

Appeals Forms are available in Doc e Fil as a TJC eForm.

  • GPA/PACE Suspension Appeal Worksheet: for students on suspension for GPA and/or PACE
  • 150% Suspension Appeal Worksheet: for students on suspension for 150% Maximum Time Frame
  • 2nd Level Appeal Worksheet: for students with denied appeals, requesting 2nd level review
  • Re-Evaluation Appeal Worksheet: for students who have made up their suspension deficit by taking classes and seeking reinstatement