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Attendance Requirements

Enrollment Requirements

Several federal/state funds require a minimum enrollment requirement for disbursement. If you are receiving these funds, you need to know the minimum number of hours needed to receive a disbursement.

In addition, classes must have actually started in order to receive disbursement for terms that start later in the semester. In other words, if a student is enrolled in 3 hours during the Fall 12 term and 3 hours in the Fall Mini II term, they do not meet the minimum 6 hour requirement until after the Fall Mini II class begins. Therefore, funds with a minimum 6 hour requirement will not disburse until after the 2nd 8-week class.

Award Fund Minimum Hours Needed
Federal Pell Grant 3 hours*
Direct Loans 6 hours
TEXAS Grant 9 hours
Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG) 6 hours
Texas Educational Opportunity Grant (TEOG) 6 hours
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) 6 hours

*Federal Pell Grant recipients receive a prorated award based on their enrollment. For example, part-time students receive 50% of their maximum award and less than part-time students receive 25% of their maximum award. Also, students with a high EFC may require more than the minimum number of enrollment hours mentioned above for Federal Pell Grant to disburse.