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Attendance Requirements

Federal law requires that financial aid students' attendance be monitored. Failure to BEGIN attending classes will result in being dropped from your classes and your financial aid award will be canceled or reduced. Online classes, as well as in-person classes, are monitored for attendance. Online classes require more interaction than simply logging on to the class to avoid being dropped as a “No Show”.

Students reported as a "No Show" and dropped from classes should NOT contact the Financial Aid or Registrar’s Office. Students must contact their professor to get approval for reinstatement or to correct attendance reporting issues.  The professor must email the appropriate individual regarding possible reinstatement into class(es) or to reverse a drop due to documented attendance. Remember, an email from your professor does not guarantee you will be reinstated in your class(es).

Dropping or Withdrawing from a Class

The Financial Aid Office cautions every student before dropping or withdrawing from their classes because it can change their financial aid eligibility and may result in funds having to be repaid.

In general, the consequences for dropping classes are: