What to Bring

  1. Copy of your Bacterial Meningitis vaccination records if it is not already on file. For more information, go here.
  2. Copy of your official high school transcripts for advanced placement scores, college credits, or credit for any other special programs.
  3. Any additional scores from SAT, ACT, TAKS, or TSI Placement (if applicable).
  4. Linens (pillow, sheets, blanket, and towels)* 
  5. Personal items (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap, hair dryer, etc.)*
  6. Casual clothing and comfortable shoes for walking around campus
  7. Notebook and pen to take notes on all the information that you will learn
  8. Umbrella (optional)
  9. Swim suit (optional)
  10. Extra spending money (optional). Some students choose to shop at our bookstores to get their TJC gear to wear around campus.
  11. Bring your driver's license or photo ID. You will need this in order to get your Apache ID.**
  12. Bring your vehicle for on-campus parking permit (if applicable)**

*Only for 2-day orientations 
**Must be a registered student to receive Apache ID and parking permit.