Lanyard Policy

Students and employees are required to wear their identification cards on lanyards so that others know of their role at the College and so that visitors will be identifiable. Visitors are always welcome at our facilities and we want to treat them with respect and be helpful while they are here. 

When / where can I get my TJC ID card and lanyard?
Each student at Tyler Junior College must obtain a TJC Student Identification card and lanyard in conjunction with the registration process. Similarly, employees will obtain an ID card at the time of hire. These cards are to be retained throughout the student’s attendance at TJC and should be updated during each registration period. A student must present a PAID registration receipt in order to obtain an ID card or update sticker from the Campus Police Department.

How much will it cost to get my ID card and lanyard?
A student’s first ID card and lanyard are provided at no charge to the student, but a replacement fee is charged for any subsequent ID cards/lanyards ($15 for ID cards and $5 for lanyards and badge holders).

What if my ID card becomes cracked, broken, lost or stolen?
Broken or cracked cards are not considered valid and must be replaced—a replacement charge is required. If a card is lost or stolen, please contact campus safety immediately.

I am a returning student, is my ID card still valid?
Student ID cards are considered VALID only if they have a sticker on the back for the CURRENT semester.

What do I do if I forget my ID card?
Students may get a day pass ID from Campus Police. Similarly, employees may get a day pass ID from their Dean/Director’s office.

When did the TJC campus ID policy become effective?
August 23, 2010

Whom does this ID policy affect?
It applies to all students, faculty, and staff.

How will this policy be communicated to students and employees?
Education regarding Tyler Junior College’s Identification (ID) policy will be included in formal orientation for all incoming students. Classroom professors will communicate the ID policy to all students in their classes. All administrators, deans, directors, department chairs, and supervisors will communicate the policy to everyone within their areas of responsibility.

How will Tyler Junior College address compliance of this policy?
Tyler Junior College believes that self-enforcement will become a part of the norm. Students, faculty, and staff will come to recognize the value of this policy and will choose to comply. Compliance with this policy is the shared responsibility and the right of all Tyler Junior College staff, students and faculty members. Any member of the TJC community may respectfully ask individuals to comply with this policy and or/report non-compliance when appropriate.

If a student becomes defiant or repeatedly violates this policy, the student will be reported to Campus Police and may be asked to leave the TJC campus and will be referred for disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. Similarly, if an employee repeatedly violates the policy, the employee will be reported to Human Resources for action in violation of college policy.

What are the specific guidelines for wearing the ID/lanyard?

  1. Lanyards must be worn around the neck while on campus, and the ID card must be clearly visible at all times, unless it should be removed for safety reasons or an approved ADA variance.
  2. Any lanyard is acceptable, but it must be similar in design and worn in the same manner as the official college lanyard. The color of the lanyard is not critical.
  3. No one will be allowed into class without wearing his or her ID/lanyard.
  4. Students who do not have their ID/lanyards may pick up a Day Pass at Campus Police. Employees may obtain a Day Lanyard from their respective Dean’s or Director’s office.
  5. If a Day Pass is needed more than once per semester, students should go first to the Cashier’s Office on the first floor of WASC to pay $2.50, then take the receipt to Campus Police to pick up the Day Pass.

Why should I comply?

Per Board Policy (passed 07/2018), students and employees must display their TJC ID card whenever present on campus. The ID card is necessary for admission to College activities, computer labs, OHPE Center, use of learning resources, at the Testing Center and other campus facilities and functions.

Failure to properly display your TJC ID in a lanyard or on an approved clip may result in a Police Officer issuing you a citation. 

The TJC Identification (ID) card is the property of Tyler Junior College and must be surrendered upon demand if requested by a Tyler Junior College official.