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TSI Assessment

TSI Exemptions

You do not have to take the TSI test if:

  1. You’ve graduated with an associate’s degree or higher from an accredited institution.
  2. You’re transferring to TJC from a private or independent institution or an accredited out-of-state higher-education institution, and you have satisfactorily completed college-level coursework to satisfy Reading, Writing, or Math readiness standards. Any readiness standard not satisfied will require the TSI exam in that area before registration can occur.
  3. You have met TSI standards at an institution you’ve previously attended.
  4. You’re enrolling in a 1-year (level 1) certificate course.
  5. You’re an active-duty service member and you have completed at least three years of service.
  6. You’re an honorably discharged veteran, or you have retired or been released from active duty.
  7. You’ve taken an approved test referenced below in the past five years and achieved the following minimum test scores:
Test Reading & Writing Exemption Math Exemption
ACT (before Feb. 15, 2023) 23 composite with 19 English 23 composite with 19 math
ACT (after Feb. 15, 2023) A combined score of 40 on the English and Reading (E+R) tests A score of 22 on the mathematics test
SAT (after March 5, 2016) 480 evidence-based reading and writing 530 math

2200 on the English Language Arts section with a writing subsection score of at least 3

2200 math
GED (Must have taken the GED exam in Texas starting 2021) A minimum score of 165 on the Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) subject test shall be exempt for English Language Arts Reading (ELAR) A minimum score of 165 on the Mathematical Reasoning subject test shall be exempt for mathematics.
HISET A minimum score of 15 on the Reading subtest and a minimum score of 15 on the Writing subtest, including a minimum score of 4 on the essay, shall be exempt for English Language Arts Reading (ELAR) A minimum score of 15 on the Mathematics subtest shall be exempt for mathematics.

Texas Bridge and College Level Courses Taken In High School

Students that have taken and passed Texas Bridge courses are exempt from the TSI for one academic year. Students that have taken and passed AP or other college level courses may also be exempt from all or part of the TSI. If either apply, please provide documentation to your admissions counselor and/or an academic advisor.

Transfer Course Exemptions

Students who transfer from a regionally accredited college or university and have earned a grade of C in specific courses are exempt in the related TSI component.

An official transcript must be submitted.

Exempt for TSI Math

To be considered exempt for TSI Math, the student must have completed the equivalent to one of these courses with grade of D or better:

  • MATH-1314 College Algebra
  • MATH-1316 Trigonometry
  • MATH-1324 Math for Business & Social Sciences
  • MATH-1325 Calculus for Business & Social Sciences
  • MATH-1332 Contemporary Math (Quantitative Reasoning)
  • MATH-1342 Elementary Statistical Methods
  • MATH-1350 Mathematics for Teachers I
  • MATH-1351 Mathematics for Teachers II
  • MATH-2305 Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH-2318 Linear Algebra
  • MATH-2320 Differential Equations
  • MATH-2412 Pre-Calculus Math
  • MATH-2413 Calculus I
  • MATH-2414 Calculus II
  • MATH-2415 Calculus III

Exempt for TSI English Language Arts and Reading

To be considered exempt for TSI English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR; formerly known as Reading and Writing, now one status), the student must have completed English Composition 1 (ENGL 1301) with a letter grade of 'D' or better.

Submit your test scores to the Admissions Office to be qualified for an exemption. 

Email: admissions@tjc.edu

Fax: 903-510-2161

Mail: Tyler Junior College
Attention: Admissions
P.O. Box 9020
Tyler, TX 75711-9020

An institution may exempt a non-degree-seeking or non-certificate-seeking student.

ESOL Waiver--An institution may grant a temporary waiver from the assessment required under this title for students with demonstrated limited English proficiency in order to provide appropriate ESOL/ESL coursework and interventions. The waiver must be removed prior to the student attempting 15 credit hours of developmental ESOL coursework or attempting entry-level freshman coursework, whichever comes first, at which time the student would be administered the TSI Assessment. Funding limits as defined in Texas Education Code, §51.3062(l)(1) and (2) for developmental education still apply.

Any student who has been determined to be exempt in mathematics, reading, and/or writing under subsection A or B of this section shall not be required to enroll in developmental coursework and/or interventions in the corresponding area of exemption.