Presidential Honors Program

Dr. L. Michael Metke

As a Presidential Honors Student, you’ll be part of an elite student community dedicated to the highest in scholastic achievement. You’ll learn and live together. You’ll become great thinkers. And when you graduate from TJC, you’ll have a competitive edge, whether you enter into a profession or transfer to a top-tier school.

Initiating this program was a personal priority, and I’m proud to welcome you, a student of great future promise, to the Presidential Honors Program at TJC.

Dr. L. Michael Metke
Chancellor for the College District of TJC and Chief Executive Officer


What does it mean to be a part of Presidential Honors at TJC?

Presidential Honors is designed for the high-achieving student. It is a small and focused academic program within TJC with specialized honors coursework, dedicated honors faculty, individual advising and planning, reserved housing, and special transcript notation and distinction at graduation.

With mentorship, research and job-shadowing opportunities, Presidential Honors puts your needs and interests first. We endeavor to make you the best possible candidate for what you want to do next. Period.

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Advantages of being in Honors

  • Small class sizes
  • Personal advising
  • Honors study lounge with computers, free printing, and coffee bar
  • Dedicated Honors Living & Learning Community in TJC residence hall
  • Unique opportunities on campus as a member of Presidential Honors