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Resident Assistant


  1. RAs must maintain a minimum 2.25 undergraduate cumulative grade point average at the time of assumption of duties as a Resident Assistant, with preferences given to those applicants with a 2.5 undergraduate grade point averages.
  2. If at any time a RA falls below a 2.25 cumulative grade point average, his/her retention will be based on an individual counseling session with the Director of Residential Life and Housing
  3. RAs must be enrolled as full-time students. RAs wishing to take credits outside these parameters may do so only after consultation with and approval by the Assistant Director of Residential Life and Housing.
  4. RAs that have internship assignments need to be aware of the unique time demands and scheduling difficulties involved with fulfilling both responsibilities. The RA’s decision to accept internships should be discussed with the Assistant Director of Residential Life and Housing prior to signing the employment agreement.
  5. RA must maintain good standings with Tyler Junior College and Residential Life and Housing Department and may not be in any type of academic or disciplinary probation or suspension.
  6. RAs must serve in the residence hall assigned and understand that reassignment can happen at any time depending on need of department.
  7. If a RA is terminated by Residential Life and Housing Department, he/she is not allowed to live in the hall in which he/she was employed. Depending on circumstance, the RA may not be able to remain on-campus.
  8. If a RA terminates his/her employment, does not renew their appointment, or is terminated by Residential Life and Housing Department, he/she is subject to the policies identified in the housing contract concerning refunds, forfeitures, and repayments. A RA’s room assignment and room and board waivers end when the RA is no longer an RA.
  9. RAs must be at least 18 years old at the time of application and a minimum of one semester living in residence hall, preferred.
  10. RA must accept employment for a full academic year (August-May). Summer positions are available on an as needed basis.