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Resident Assistant

Primary Functions

Provide personal help and assistance to residents. The RA is often the first person a student approaches when questions or problems arise. In addition the RA is frequently in a position to observe or gain information from others.

Promote the growth and development of students. The RA is instrumental in contributing to the sense of community in the residence halls. Residence hall programming serves as an important element in the learning experience and development of junior college students. Providing effective programming experiences have been shown to increase student satisfaction with the living environment.

Manage and facilitate groups. Much of the RAs time and effort is spent leading and working with groups of students on a residence hall floor. RAs play a formal leadership role when organizing programs or conducting floor meetings. At other times, the RA may choose to lead informally by assisting students in the process of organizing themselves.

Maintain an orderly and reasonably quiet environment. The Residence Hall serves as a student’s home; consequently, the RA is expected to work with students to create and maintain a responsible living environment to ensure the well-being of all residents. It is essential that the RA helps to ensure a studious atmosphere while taking into consideration other students’ needs. In addition, the RA should strive for student responsibility to maintain personal security and the safety of the community.

Explain and enforce rules and regulations. It is necessary to have policies and procedures to provide guidelines for appropriate behavior; thus, the RA is expected to acquaint students with their responsibility to each other and the community. In addition, the RA must enforce the student code of conduct and Residential Life and Housing Department rules and regulations to ensure equal opportunities for students to mature and succeed academically and personally.

Keep students informed and, when necessary, direct them to appropriate referral sources. As a Tyler Junior College employee, the RA is expected to be knowledgeable about the campus, its facilities, special programs, services, and overall referral procedures.