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Las Mascaras Speech & Drama Club is the oldest active social organization on campus. Born on the founding day of Tyler Junior College, "Las Mas" was created to support the dramatic activities on campus. Named by former Vice President Edwin Potter, who was a charter member, Las Mascaras translates into "the Maskers."



The Purpose

The Las Mascaras constitution states, "The purpose of Las Mascaras Speech and Drama Club shall be to further the skills and interests of students of Tyler Junior College in the fields of Speech and Dramatic Arts by continuous and active participation in all such areas.

It shall also be the purpose of the Las Mascaras Speech and Drama Club to further the interests and advance the knowledge of the people of this and surrounding areas by public performance of material of the highest caliber.

Get Involved

Today any TJC student interested in Speech or Theatre activities can join the club.

Once a member, you're always a member. Membership mailings span the globe.

Las Mascaras Alumni membership is open to any Tyler Junior College alumni who participated in any Speech or Theatre during their tenure on campus. There is no cost, only that you send us your present mailing address. Contact us at

Your alumni dues can be designated to the Speech and Theatre Program for scholarships. You can also make tax-deductible donations to the TJC Foundation and designate your gift to go to Las Mascaras.