In celebration of its 90th anniversary, Tyler Junior College is launching the TJC Promise, an ambitious scholarship program that will put you on the pathway to success!

It's an earned scholarship for eligible high school graduates within the TJC Tax District, including: Chapel Hill, Grand Saline, Lindale, Tyler, Van, Winona.

What does it include?

The TJC Promise will cover your tuition and fees for two years.

How do I find out more?

Visit your high school counselor for more information.

How does it work?

  • Make the Commitment

    Commit to becoming a TJC Promise scholar during your freshman year in high school.

  • Sign the Promise Agreement

    Talk to your high school counselor about the Promise agreement.

  • Maintain Eligibility Requirements

    Earn a minimum grade-point average in all high school work, keep an excellent attendance record, and help others by completing community service hours each year.

  • Graduate on Time

    Graduate from high school with a guaranteed scholarship to TJC and be on your way to a brighter future.

Standards of Promise

In order to receive a scholarship, a student must attend a participating high school within the College’s tax district for at least two years. There is a one-year exception for early graduates. A student must achieve the standards in order to receive a TJC Promise Scholarship.

Academic Achievement

Grade Point Average

Achieve 2.5 cumulative GPA or greater for all high school courses

College Ready

Meet or surpass standards as defined by the State of Texas


Finish required high school course work and graduate on time



Freshman year - 5 days or less
Sophomore year - 10 days or less
Junior year - 10 days or less
Senior year - 10 days or less


Complete the required number of credits to advance to the next class level each year


Come directly to TJC

Community Service

Freshman - Community service not required 
Sophomore - 5 hours or more
Junior year - 10 hours or more
Senior year - 10 hours or more

Download the community service form

makayla johnson

"The TJC Promise gives us opportunities for a better future, and it’s good that it requires students to make good grades, too. Not just everyone can get it. You actually have to work for it."

Makayla Johnson
Lindale High School, Freshman

Don dunn quote

“In Van our motto is ‘after high school comes college’, and the TJC Promise will help us build a stronger college-going culture. It’s a game changer.”

Don Dunn
Superintendent, Van ISD

Mullins quote

“The TJC Promise is a targeted way to encourage students to remain in school and work hard. If they stay with the program, they will be more likely to continue their education beyond high school and become productive members of society.”

Tom Mullins
President/CEO, Tyler Economic Development Council