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8 Reasons Short-term Classes Can Work For You

At TJC, we take pride in creating opportunities for all students to attend college, and short-term classes offer more choices and flexibility.

1. You can fit more classes into your semester. Maybe you only need one or two more classes to graduate. Knock them out and you’ll be walking the stage in the spring!

2. Short-term classes are fast paced. Have a class you’ve been dreading? This is a great way to get it off your plate ASAP.

3. Course material is fresh on your mind for the tests. When it comes to final exams, looking back through 16 weeks of notes and remembering key material can be stressful and time-consuming. With a shorter term, you can more easily prepare for and recall the information you need for tests.

4. You can build a flexible schedule. TJC offers both online and in-person 12-week and 8-week terms. And since two 8-week terms are offered per 16-week semester, you can select whichever time fits best for you, or take both!

5. Avoid mid-semester burnout. These focused, condensed courses keep you quickly moving along.

6. Forgot to register? Here’s your second chance! Registration deadlines for the 12-week and second 8-week courses extend further than the regular 16-week deadline.

7. Do you have a light course load? Adding a class could bump up your status to full-time student – leading to scholarship money. Scholarships and financial aid often require students to be full time to receive funding. Plus, they can be a great resource for the working student or non-traditional student.

8. Attending a different college? Don’t let that stop you from benefitting from these courses. Through 8- and 12-week terms, Summer, Winter Term, and May Term courses, you can take transferable classes conveniently and at a lower cost. These condensed terms at TJC range anywhere from three to 12 weeks in length.

Keep in mind that short-term classes cover the same material as the 16-week term, but at a more rapid pace. If you aren’t sure that these classes are for you but recognize the benefits, try adding a 12-week course this semester.

The TJC Spring 2017 12-week term begins Monday, Feb. 13, and the second 8-week term begins Monday, March 20. Sign up today at tjc.edu/register.

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