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TJC Graduate Heading to Stanford to Study Public and International Policy

Dolly AuBuchon graduated from TJC with an Associate of Applied Science in Public Administration on May 10, and she’s extremely proud of that accomplishment.

Dolly AuBuchon graduated from TJC with an Associate of Applied Science in Public Administration on May 10, and she’s extremely proud of that accomplishment.

“I actually dropped out of high school at 16, frustrated by the whole educational process. At 21, and 8.5 months pregnant, I made an appointment, walked in, and took the GED cold, with no preparation. My experience with the education system, up to that point, had been so abysmal that it took me decades to give it another chance,” said AuBuchon.

“After some health issues that cut my first attempt at college short, once I was ready to try again and started looking at colleges, TJC stood out for its reputation for quality of education and student support. I also work full time, in addition to college, so the ability to obtain my Public Administration degree 100 percent online and fit it around my work schedule was critical.”

But her next step is something even bigger. The now-TJC alumna has been accepted to Stanford University.

“As the daughter of a college professor, I've always been aware that Stanford is a top-tier university. Now, that doesn't mean that I ever dreamed that I'd gain admission, but you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take,” said AuBuchon.

Getting her transcripts and other paperwork for the application was the easy part, she said. The essays? That was where she found herself digging deep.

“The best advice I can give others who follow is to just write from the heart and be real. They want to know who you are - not how well you can spin or romanticize your story.”

AuBuchon is interested in international affairs and public and international policy and said getting her degree in public administration was the best place she could think to start.

“I felt that it would be a great foundation for any study and career in the area of government and politics as that is the most fundamental function of government - to serve the people.”

And she said TJC was the place to get that start.

“TJC has amazing student support and staff who make a point of investing themselves in the success of the students,” said AuBuchon. “Even with the explosive growth of the number of students taking their classes remotely, online, during the past year due to the pandemic, I never felt like I lost that individualized attention and support when I needed it; the staff all worked even harder to ensure the support was there for us.”

Her professors at TJC are not surprised by her accomplishment.

"Our public administration professors are all so proud of Dolly,” said Jason Waller, TJC’s public administration program department chair. “She's such a hard-working student and deserves to attend Stanford. We can't wait to see the difference she makes in not only our country but the world."

At TJC, Public Administration majors learn the skills to help bring people together to solve complex problems, whether it is through programs for youth, city planning, extra-governmental or non-profit organizations. Those interested in learning more about the program should go to


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