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Midterm Study Tips

Midterms don't have to be stressful! Follow our tips to make your halfway point a success.

1. Start by making a great study playlist.

Listening to some chill music will remove the outside noise, and wearing earbuds will let others know you aren’t up for chatting atm.

2. Find a cool focus spot with few distractions.

Think quiet, private, cozy, and within walking distance of coffee. Bonus points if there is a plant nearby, since some studies show that the presence of plants helps boost your ability to pay attention.

3. Eat healthy food and take vitamins.

Everyone is sleep deprived on top of it being flu and allergy season during midterms.

4. Put your phone on "do not disturb" mode for 30 minutes at a time while cramming, and then take a break and check it. 

Crazy how you can’t actually scroll through Instagram and learn the intricacies of algebra at the same time.

5. Get outdoors or hit the OHPE.

Exercising releases endorphins (a chemical in your brain) which makes you happy! Don’t worry…that probably won’t be on the test.

6. Draw pictures on your study notes that go with topics and help you connect (and remember!) everything. 

Most people are visual learners, which means that you will probably remember a picture that you drew and colored yourself more than a typed page of notes. The sillier it is, the more likely you are to recall the picture, and the information attached to it.

7. Get some sleep.

Seems self-explanatory, but still needs to be said. Getting 8-9 hours of sleep before a test is ideal for success.

8. Reward yourself with fancy coffees or your favorite food.

Studying for tests doesn’t mean you need to be looking at a book 24/7. Hang out with a friend or watch an episode of your favorite show (just don’t binge the whole series). Set study and relax times and stick to them.

9. Don't freak out.

Midterm tests are usually not cumulative, so there is not a huge amount of content to study. Plus, you’ve already had your first test so now you know what format this one will be in. You got this.

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