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Fall 2021 Sports

Cornhole 1 vs 1

Dates - October 25th-28th

Registration - October 24th 

Location-TJC Intramural Field

Divisions - Men, Women, Housing Floor

Playoffs-Single elimination bracket on the last day of the tournament

Fee-Free for all current TJC students & faculty/staff

Description- Cornhole will be played with two different colored sets of bags, two boards and two players.  There are four bags to a set.  Competitors will play with different colored bags than their opponent’s.  The boards are to directly face each other with 27 feet between the front edge of each board.  In this 2-player game, you may start in a position throwing from the left side or the right side of the board.  The bottom of the board is the foul line and your feet may not cross that point.  Each player will alternate tossing a bag trying to get the bag either onto the board or in the hole.  If the bag touches the ground it is dead and out of play.  Each round is complete once both players toss the four bags they have.  Each bag that lands on the board is worth one point and each bag that goes through the hole is 3 points.  Scoring is calculated by cancelation and only one player will score each round.  If Player A scores 6 points and Player B scores 10 points, Player B will receive 4 points.  After each round the players will walk counterclockwise to the board they were throwing toward. They will remain in this position and commence the game throwing at the board they were once standing next to. The game will end when a player reaches a score of 21 points.