Fall 2018 Sports

Billiards Tournament

Description: In Billiards, there are three things you will be using, a cue stick, table, and pool balls. You can probably guess which is what. For now, we will stick to standard 8-ball. Use the triangle to "rack up" the pool balls. Different people have different preferences for the set up, but make sure the 8-ball is in the middle. Line the pool tip up with the cue ball, aim, and hit away! Sounds easy, huh?

Divisions: Men’s, Women’s

Playoffs: None

Registration: Oct. 8-25.

Captain Meetings: No captain’s meeting; make sure to check your email you use for IMLeagues, as we will be sending out information, and schedule of play.

Activity Begins: November 5, 2018

Days of Play: T, W, R

Fee: FREE for ALL TJC Students & Faculty/Staff

Location: 2nd Floor Roger Student Center