Fall 2018 Sports


Description:  Tennis is played between two players, this is called singles. Play starts when the player whose turn it is to serve attempts to hit a ball into play. Play will then continue should the receiver manage to return the ball back to his opponent. To make sure games stay on time we will play the “pro-set” version, where they play 1 set to 8 games. Please refer to the rule book if you have any questions.  

Divisions: Men’s Women’s

Playoffs: All individuals will make playoffs. It will be single elimination; seeding will be based off performance during regular season.

Registration: Oct. 1-17

Captain Meetings: No captain’s meeting; make sure to check your email you use for IMLeagues, as we will be sending out information, and schedule of play.

Activity Begins: Oct. 22, 2018

Days of Play: M, T, W, R, and possibly Friday

Fee: FREE for ALL TJC Students & Faculty/Staff

Location: On Campus Brookshire Complex