Fall 2019 Sports

Indoor Volleyball

Description: Indoor volleyball is a 6 on 6 sport where teams compete to knock the ball down on the other side of their opponent’s net. Each team will get 3 contacts with the ball to prevent an opponent’s attack from being grounded. Volleyball is played with the hands, and arms, which entails BUMP, SET, SPIKE!

Divisions: Men’s, Women’s, Co-ed

Playoffs: All teams make playoffs. It will be single elimination; seeding will be based off performance during regular season. Unless the team has a low sportsmanship rating below 2.5 then your team will not be eligible for playoffs.

Registration Ends: Sept. 29.

Day of Play: M, T, W, R, F (Check times on IMLeagues.com/tjc)

Fee: FREE for all TJC Students & Faculty/Staff

Location: OHPE Center in Gentry Gym